testimonial-1Marty has been my son’s, Ian, personal trainer for more than a dozen years, but in reality, he is so much more.

Ian has a speech disorder and suffers from intractable epilepsy. Marty has not only been his trainer, he has been a spiritual guide, mentor and friend. Marty is truly one of the most humble people I have ever met. Beneath a soft spoken demeanor is a man of tremendous kindness, physical and mental strength and empathy.

Marty is a role model in every sense of the word. He nourishes body and soul, always with a positive attitude and wry grin. Marty has always embraced Ian (and his service dog OP)  with open arms and an understanding of working with his disability by transforming them into abilities. In addition, he is reliable, responsible, professional and extremely skilled in his field.

– Nancy, Ian/OP, David and Seth
clients4As you know I began my workouts with you almost 20 years ago. It meant so much to me that I could work out regularly despite my busy schedule as a doctor since you actually brought the work out to my door! I truly believe I have been able to maintain a certain level of fitness through the years due to your help, skill and unwavering support. You have always been professional and yet very kind in your approach. You have been prompt and have been flexible in trying to rearrange your schedule to meet my needs in case things came up that could cause me to miss a work out. Though you have been my trainer, you have also become a friend.

- Ilene S.


I have known Marty Burger professionally and personally for over 15 years. During this time he has proven himself to be an expert in physical coaching and as a fitness trainer. He has treated me personally with care, concern, and always urged me on to do more and my best in regards to physical workouts.

Marty has always been on time, loyal, caring, concerned, and truly a pleasure to know and to work with. His unique operation, working out of his fitness truck, has allowed me to leave my house and go directly into the perfect workout situation.

Marty has never cancelled on me, or left me without other training options. His positive demeanor has always been a source of excellent workouts which benefited me immensely.

The benefits from his sessions were best shown at my Fortieth Reunion, when classmates were wondering what magic happened to my physical being.

I would be happy to recommend Marty and his services to any future clients

- Gregory S.


I have worked out weekly with Marty Burger for over 25 years. He is extremely professional and each workout is slightly different. They, typically, include stretching, aerobics and strength exercises. He is very well versed in all exercise techniques as well as nutrition.

Marty is the consummate professional. He is always punctual and moves through the workout smoothly and calmly. Additionally, he is an all-round nice fellow with a mellow character.

After all these years, I consider him my friend as well as my trainer.

- Charlie R.

A Note from Marty Burger

Being a personal trainer is just that… very personal. A level of trust must be established between the trainer and trainee as for some, working out is a very private and vulnerable action. Over the past 25 years of being a personal trainer I have had the pleasure to work with a wide range of fantastic people, helping them get fit and stay fit. My passion is to help improve the lives of those around me through fitness. On this page you’ll find letters I’ve received from my clients and their families. Thank you!

 – Marty Burger

Marty Burger
Owner / Personal Trainer

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